My first diary post in a long time – and here, in the midst of corona virus lockdown, there is little to report of my work in the art world.

As the excellent Laura Cumming wrote in The Observer on 29th March:

‘The show is on, but not open. The masterpiece hangs unseen. The museum is as silent as the isolation in which the artist tries to work, uncertain of any future as the virus rages without vaccine. Art now waits upon science.’

And so we must wait for what the future brings, both in the world at large and that of art.

For now I’m posting on this website the review I wrote recently of Andrew Lambirth’s The Life of Bryan – written for The Art Newspaper, who will publish it in due course. As you will see, I found the book fascinating, and recommend it highly.

Much of this year will be spent completing my book on the sculptor John Milne and his circle, and making some progress with a curatorial project, the fruits of which will hopefully be seen next year. If you’re reading this, thanks for visiting my site, and hope you are able to stay safe!

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