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• News of gallery shows of work by Fraser Taylor and Keith Vaughan:

• Fraser’s show Orchid/Dirge, curated by Shannon Stratton, is at Threewalls, Chicago, until 23 May 2015 (slideshow of installation photographs shown here).

For more information visit: http://three-walls.org/exhibition/fraser-taylor-orchiddirge/

Fraser Taylor will be showing in Glasgow in July. Updates will follow.

Anthony Hepworth Fine Art will be showing important works by Keith Vaughan and Prunella Clough from The Hargreaves and Ball Trust, as the gallery’s Bath Festival exhibition. Exhibition dates: 9-23 May 2015.

For more information visit: http://anthonyhepworth.com/html/Exhibitions.html


Images: Photographs from Fraser Taylor’s show Orchid/Dirge, Threewalls, Chicago. Photographs courtesy of Fraser Taylor © the artist.

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