Long Live

After Life: On Patrick Procktor’s Long Live the Great Leap Forward

My new article on Patrick Procktor has just been published on the website Courbet’s Tent. The site was set up by the painter and lecturer Dougal Mackenzie, with the following remit:

“Courbet’s Tent is about the locations and contexts of painting practice.
Looking at both the formal and conceptual aspects of the discipline, the premise of Courbet’s Tent is that paintings always have a double life: they may hold worlds within them, but at the same time may exist in places that change their perceived content.
This duality in painting, how its reception can be altered by location, is the key area of investigation in Courbet’s Tent.”

An extract from the article on Procktor can be found on this website, with the full text available at:http://courbetstent.wordpress.com/

Image: Patrick Procktor Long Live the Great Leap Forward, acrylic on canvas, 1967.
Courtesy The Redfern Gallery

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